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Offensive/Triggering Comedy Can Heal

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Of Offensive Comedy comedy has been divided because of conflicted ideologies on offensive jokes. One side believes “the morally rightious thing to do is to joke about the horrific things in life because its taking power over It and letting it go”, the other side believes “the morally rightious thing to do is hold onto the tragic events as reverence by never making jokes that could perceive as trivializing themThe schism is you can’t say a group should let go and move on just as you cant say to another group has to hold on and not let it go. BOTH ARE RIGHT IN A THE PARADOX OF LIFE DEATH, EXISTENCE BEING UNKNOWN/FATE

ALL horror and tragedy comes from life being unknown,not knowing what happens when we die, what the meaning of life is or what existence or consciousness is. everything everyone does in this life is try to control how they feel and or try to know the answers on how to control how they feel. The egolessness it takes to accept life is unknown and determined by fate is pure energy but the majority of humans are suffering because they don’t have control and they don’t know why things are the way they are and they seek to know why any meaning to all suffering.

The unknown fate of existence is what causes all human suffering in this existence, its what causes war, genocide, murder, starvation, illness, poverty suffering agony terror trauma anger rage hatred negative dark nightmarish energy. What happens is the unknown nature of this life creates all humans in this paradigm of terror for survival and desire for survival so all humanity is caught in this toxic cycle of fear and desire that is biologically wired in them from birth and the existential unknown of what happens when we die, whats the meaning of life only adds to the toxic cycle of fear and desire therefore creates nightmares energy that humans manifest in others.

Ego Triggeredthe majority of humanity when presented with comedy that personally offends them become outraged, lash out and or have a voiltate reaction because it triggers something unhealed in them or some suffering they’ve attatched to their ego identity, that to question the thing that triggers their identity will shatter the foundation of their cognitive processing system.

They say “offensive comedy is trivializing ones suffering, reinforcing an oppressive narrative and creates more suffering, outrage and pain”to me this is all based on ego/identity of oneself.

Cognitive dissonance is a process in which an individuals psyche will delude themselves into a false narrative and or a programmed system as it goes helps them function and process life to protect themselves from harm. Any sentence or phrase that disrupts that creates a cognitive dissonance in which since individuals attached their negative experiences, emotions and ideas to their ego; to unveil that to them causes to unconsciously re-evaluate their entire fabric of reality, so to not trivialize an individual triggered by jokes, someone triggered by offensive comedy could very well shatter the fabric of their identity and destroy them as an individual so masses of humanity protect each others egos and preselected narratives to insure that an individual can remain attatched to their ego/identity and not have a psychotic break, painful egocentric death.

Reality is in perceptionreality is all in perception and the understandings of life are all based on collectively agreed perceptions always subject to change. there are trillions or narratives, ideas perceptions and non of them are real, average human life is 60-70yrs, 365 days in 24 hoursso just mathematically that is 569,400 estimated hours of living, breathing, thinking, planning, acting, interacting, sleeping, growing, learning, making mistakes, doing good, doing bad, expierencing, figuring out life. humanities collective perception formulates a narrative based on visuals or texts even if research based on 10 hours of data research rather than 500,000 hours.

Human nature is to reflect their own unconsious onto another and or cognitive dissonant they’d project their toxic elements onto others as we exists mirror reflections of everyone who sees us

TRUTH ISthere is no universal truth, only collectively agreed upon ideas and perceptions and truth is just what the human mind perceives existence as based on the chemicals in our brain and preprogramed thoughts emotions and associations which is the illusion of the human ego, human identity to tries to seek the answer of survival, life, death in fear and desire when the truth is its unknown and everything we think Is “known” is a human created illusion to prevent human suffering that is created by the fear and desire for knowledge that we’ll never have to this life.

offensive comedy unveils subconscious aspects of ones ego that the individual suppresses or has created a false ego in which they deny the truth to themselves, which is why when conflicted with an opposing idea, it feels to them as the fabric of their reality is being poked through, it is made with triggering, outrage, hostility, disturbance and lashing out; it is literally their brain trying to prevent them from having an ego shattering expierence, and to me that is where all the healing in comedy should be. “I don’t want my suffering trivialized” and they are right to feel that way, to hold sacred the most painful traumatic and terrifying events in this life, they feel to make jokes about it is to take away their reverence for the events that occurred but to me the highest spiritual way to honor these catastrophic events and forever hold sacred is to not attatch them to your ego and to learn from them, rather than just build a cognitive procressing system based on negative emotions that you never question or think differently of, to accept the trivialization as time moves us all forward and there it is selfish to hold onto our pain and suffering to our egos in a traumatic cycle that repeats the process rather than truly healing, moving forward and spiritually evolving from it so we can heal others with enlightenment.

It is ego shattering to accept that the most terrible events In life will mean nothing to anyone and in time as it moves forward it will be as if it never happened, this is a lifetime of grieving in a cycle of wanting to hold onto, make sense of or try to make sure it never happens again but it will always repeat because the truth is, its not real to infinity, outside this planet and or afterlife, you’ve just manufactured a narrative and held onto it to feel secure that your suffering meant something but you’re just retraumatizing yourself in the process and missing the real healing. The real healing is realizing its all an egocentric illusion and to let go and move forward with the knowledge you gain, but you can only truly be enlightened by suffering, when you let it go and don’t attatch it to your ego/identity and than you are liberated and your spirit can evolve forward.


Stand Up Comedy Art Becoming Mainstreamto where corporations, networks and advertisers produce it, stand up comedy has gained a worldwide audience many of whom are not even comedy fans but are still exposed to it because of how ingrained it is in our everyday culture, media, and society. Still stand up comedy is a very misunderstood artform. If you poled the masses of noncomedy fans about what they believe stand up comedy is, most of them would put it in a category of a more serious nature such as politics, news, or culture gossip, rather than giving it the same suspension of disbelief they give movies, music, and novels

Now why is there is now a cultural and political pressure on the artform in which you go to a comedy club to hear a comedian express the most ridiculous nonsensical ramblings about life? It’s well known that when things become popularized it becomes a business and marketed as a product in which there are now focus groups, board meetings, and advertisement strategies for a corporation. The same thing that happened with hip-hop is happening to comedy where Hollywood began to realize that comedians had influence on culture or could change their perception on subjects. This made corporations fight for control to begin promoting a bias political narratives with a specific agenda to alter the culture climate in order to have the masses consume it as trends and reshape our entire society in their design. The most ironic thing is how contradicting it is that an craft of silliness became so serious. It makes me wonder if anyone knows what the real spirit of comedy is or are the majority so manipulated by the mainstream illusions they have no idea what a real stand up comedian is?

Pure soul of REAL comicis something a lot of people don’t understand and the majority of comedians don’t want to admit. The pure soul of comedy comes from a heightened level of empathy and ability to feel compassion for every situation from all other perspectives. This is how comics come up with hilarious premises or make surreal associations is they have analyzed situations from so many more angles, perspectives, ideas, than the average human even has the ability to. Everyone says comedy comes from tragedy yet what they misinterpret is you have to enter a flow stare of pure positivity in that moment to express the darkest tragedies humorously.

The way audiences misinterpret UFC fights thinking they have to be angry to fight when every UFC fighter knows calmness is the best way to fight. All the great comedians know that in what appears to be an anger filled tirade, they have to be in an egolesly empathic headspace in order to relate their premises and punchlines to their jokes. Ever see a comedian really depressed on stage try telling a joke, it usually fails because comedy is about energy. I mean for goodness sakes how can you say comedians are harmful with speech and inciting hate when the literal job description is “make people laugh and have a fun”. Since the beginning of time the whole purpose of comedy is to make others laugh about anything, which is the entire purpose of comedy.

The Purpose of Comedyis to make the audience laugh and you do that by connecting the audience to something and have them all relate to the humor of it as inherently positive energy. the argument some say Is “there is a difference laughing with someone than laughing at someone”. Even in that truth there is still an intent of relating. When someone does something stupid, we laugh with them because we understand everyone does stupid things, those laughing at them just don’t want to admit it. it’s a humbling relatable experience to laugh together

Dark Comedy Is Emotional Mental Alchemythat it takes the most horrible things in life and find some sort of relief, some sort of silver lining in even the darkest aspects of life. Some say some things shouldn’t be laughed at, and the reason everyone should be making fun of the darkest subject matters is because it relief’s suffering. what noncomedy fans need to understand is, they say making light of a serious topic takes away the importance of it, and I don’t know if it’s brain chemical wiring, but to comedy; to make light of serious topics is addressing the importance of it in a deeper manor because its learning to let go of the pain and formulate some rhyme or reason to the agony regardless of how silly it may feel. The ability to laugh at your own suffering is a beautifully courageous step in self empowerment because it states “I’m not going to let the fear and hate of the world effect me, I’m going to take all the worlds pain and transform it into something joyous, give a moment of peace from suffering.

Humanity Needs Dark Offensive Humorbecause it explores the shadow unconscious that exists in everyone. REPEAT, dark offensive humor explores the shadow unconscious that EXISTS IN EVERYONE whether they admit it or not. The reason everyone should be making light of some of the darkest subject matters is because there’s so much we cant understand about the human mind, life, consciousness or why things are the way they are. When you explore a path that the majority of humans would never imagine going in their mind; those that can relate to it feel better about it, it gives humans the ability to acknowledge their darkness in a lighter perspective. To explore the darkest aspects of human nature and find humor in it is as if it’s a spiritual awakening to unveiling the sickness of humanity and acknowledging it than accepting it which I know is a terrifying ego shattering experience alot of humanity doesn’t want to do.

The psychological aspects of comedy that effect people when they become the target of jokes should be a unique experience of self reflection. I truly believe people who are made fun of and get angry, outraged and offended are because it forces them for a moment to have to think and acknowledge their own flaws. They get offended because their ego has never even considered exploring their unconscience nature so when it reveals itself, the ego feels cognitive dissonance

where as comedians that have explored it can easily acknowledge it and laugh it off because they’re aware of the who, what why where and how.

Tragically Alchemist Elixir comediclythat is what I’m speaking about. Why so many individuals get offended over jokes to the point of outrage, destruction and hostility… reflect deeply on that concept. A comic with the pure intention and job description to bring joy and laughter to a group of people uniting them together, than an individual gets outraged, offended and hostile. right on the surface value shows an emotional and mental redflag. If someone is in a light spirit of smiling and laughing and you interpret that as hateful, cruel, insensitive and mean, what does that say about you? not only are you misinterpreting the comics intentions, you’re projecting your own emotional and mental deregulated issues onto an entertainer. Lets validate their emotional deregulation and trauma by saying some things shouldn’t be joked about because they’re triggering. Why is it that when someone is personally triggered by a comics joke, they never take it upon themselves to look inward on why that had such an impact on them in which they reacted so negatively? Perhaps the offended individual experienced something horrible and it brought up all kinds of terrible emotions? if anything making light of the trauma would be the most therapeutic thing one could do. In psychology when a patient has experienced traumatic events, some therapists will give them a safe protected way to relive the experience to retrain their emotions and thoughts try to ease the negative effect it has on them. If you were truly a traumatized individual and you were triggered by a comedian, you should be thanking the comic for revealing to you something deep in your subconscious you weren’t aware of. It’s almost as if everyone offended and triggered should awaken to the realization the comedian was able to detect in your mind where the unresolved emotional or mental trauma was so you’re aware of it.

So lets just for argument sake say the individual who was triggered and offended by a joke doesn’t have some psychological issue that needs to be worked out, and lets say they really don’t have some unconscious shadow aspects to themselves. They get offended because they find the joke to be immoral. Now they set out to try to get this comedian banned, defamed, ostracized and lose their career for a joke. how weak is your ego that when a comedian makes a joke your entire moral compass is shattered? It leads me to believe you don’t have any individual thought to your morals and you just accepted a preprogrammed set of values that you never questioned. Another example of thanking a comedian for giving you counterpoints to help you structure your morals.

Hollywood Social Media Propagates A False Moral Virtuousnessas everyone wants to follow along with cultural trends and famous idols the concept of absolute perfection politically correct social justice perfection in their mind, has made them all fundamentalist virtue signalers.

The Hollywood golden globes are the perfect example of the fakeness of everyone of the so called “elite’s” having to appear as perfect and flawless saying the right thing with the right trend in culture as they’ve spent their lives portraying perfectly written characters with great lines and interesting plots and their ego has been warped to give them the illusion they are flawless and as some of those flaws are revealed or they are reminded of those flaws they feel terrorized by a reflection of what they are, a flawed individual who isn’t perfect. Those who cancel others are toxicly based on fear. The more humans become assimilated with technology the more their secrets, mistakes, flaws and personal lives are becoming public consumption. Now as we live in this condemn anyone who isn’t perfect to societies standards, those who partipate in cancel culture or censoring others are terrified their secrets, things they did or said years ago. Those who are on a crusade to demonize, condemn and cancel anyone they don’t feel is living up

To their morally virtuous standard are just guilty consciences overcompensating to make up for

all the sins they think they have in their made up culture war of political correctness. Now if you don’t understand why the culture climate of western society has become so radically zealot to living up to the present trends standards are a simple combination with Hollywood social media.

Stand up comedy is the antiperfection,in an age where everyone is so self absorbed in their own echo chamber playing out their online social media avatar of narcissistic perfection, comedy is the community of individuals who openly acknowledge the flaws of themselves, unveil the flaws of society and mock it rather than try to live up to it. we live in an age where the next generation doesn’t know a life beyond a computer screen of blocking what they don’t like, reporting what they don’t agree with and destroying anything that doesn’t fit their narrative of absolute perfection. Stand up comedy is a cacophonic laughter celebration of the collective human flaw. While the politicians, corporations and social media are trying to appear as perfect as narcissistically possible, stand up comedy is a haunting reminder to them that they’re all flawed and human nature if flawed. That’s why everyone is offended trying to cancel comedy

if you’re STILL offended by comedy, you are triggered because you haven’t explored any of your unconscious nor have you dealt with any of your mental and emotional trauma, you perceive life through a distorted lense of cruelty anger, hostility, and rather than work on your inner toxic self, you project your emotional and mental deregulation outward on social media purposefully misinterpreting comics, calling to deplatform and cancel them with no redemption and you’re just an cruel hostile ignorant individual who could never comprehend and evolutionary concept such a self reflection, inward accountability and taking responsibility for your own emotional deregulazation rather than projecting it onto me, I love you all and I sincerely pray that this enlightens anyone whose ever been triggered or offended by jokes to recognize it as a healing opportunity, a growing expierence, because we’re all in this together and we have to help each other, be kind to each other and love one another,

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