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Who Killed Comedy(Full Length Documentary)

Who Killed Comedy(Full Length Documentary)



Mark RanDoM "Who Killed Comedy" Full Length Documentry 

Filmed And Edited September 2018 by Lizzy Durazzo 


RanDoM, a new to the scene comic begins to perform stand up comedy at open mics and starts to see a suspicious trend of political outrage in the comedy scene to where in 4 months Mark RanDoM gains a horrid reputation in the community as "the most hate speech offensive comic ever”. Through club banning’s, confrontations, physical altercations, FBI investigations, police coming to his shows, blogs and social media outcries to protest and over 30 death threats that makes Mark RanDoM begin to question when did comedy become so serious? Join him as he interviews a diverse group of people in NYC to explore these issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, identity politics, political correctness, social justice seeking answers as to why the present culture climate is the way it is. is Mark RanDoM so offensive he needs to be banned from every club in nyc? is the younger generation just being overdramatic? or is there some deeper insidious reason for the outrage against a noname comic? as funny as it is insightful, warm hearted dark humor, intelligent and funny interactions RanDoM being RanDoM( copywrite 14blackproductions)

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