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RanDoM- II. "Where Is The Lie!!??"2019 (Comedy Album)

RanDoM- II. "Where Is The Lie!!??"2019 (Comedy Album)

Due to the technical engineer failures of the very rushed, flawed and poorly recorded standup comic Mark RanDoM"s 2019 freshman double stand up comedy album " Seriously.. this is comedy" and the horrid misinterpretation that anyone would have the capacity to listen to Mark RanDoM do comedy for over 2 hours, Mark RanDoM returns in 2019 with a newfound conceptual simplification of a very condensed slightly abridged new hour of stand up comedy. In his 2nd comedy hour, Mark RanDoM jokes in eloquent rants a combination of jokes as well as premonitions regarding sex relations, gender relations, LGBTQ relations, race relations and internet media politic relations in humor as well as incoherent rants with no punchline he proclaims against global ellite pedofiles " Where is the lie!!??" In his prophet comedy expression? Recorded with a sound/club engineer who actually has experience and who was actually sober during the process, from comedy clubs, to bar gigs, poet cafes and open mics, in Rome italy, Salzburg Austria, Krakow Poland, and Paris France. Mark RanDoM Invites you to a redemptive 2nd stand up comedy album. Where Is The Lie!? -RanDoM

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