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I. RanDoM- I. "Seriously..This Is Comedy(2018 Comedy Album)

I. RanDoM- I. "Seriously..This Is Comedy(2018 Comedy Album)

Re-Rendered, Re-Mastered, Only 6 months into comedy in winter 2018 i relased a double stand up comedy album, about 2hours and 20minutes, i realized that was too much for a listener and was able to and the quality was shyt, i re-did it and wherever my stand up comedy performance ability goes, i can proudly express, this is how good or bad i was in just 6 months and no one can take that away from me, even if it was in small rooms, local comics shows, and open mics and poet cafes. i put my heart and mind in this album(my soul is in another place).


50 minutes of solid material ranging from, life philosphies, relationships, societal norms, human sexual nature, western societies 2018 times of media, politics, feminism, race relations, social media and the internet, religon and the after life, and even down to my own mental illness and suicidal feelings, Seriously....This Is Comedy

Live in new jersey, with recording equipment more broken than the mind of the performer. from jokes to observations to half coherent ramblings that make you wonder if he's really joking or just ranting, an hour of stand up comedy that could only come from the mind of one of nyc's most honest, loving, hateful, schizophernic, bipolar comic. The Stand up comic welcomes you to his nightmarish perception of humanity, from deciding societies are cults, all relationships will fail by destiny, Procreation is worse than rapists, religious leaders have to be pedophiles, mental illness and sexual fetishes are evolutionary biological traits. he gives the solution to the humanities woes while mocking they’re too stupid to save themselves so he laughs at the dystopian outcome, it might be felt as the most racist way to racial unity, the most misogynistic ideology to gender equality, the most xenophobe way to save immigrants and the most misanthropic emotion to loving humanity while he contends that the only actual hate speech he presents is against himself. If you claim he’s just another “angry white privileged toxic male comic” he’ll explain like a court deposition of anger why you’re the exact reason a holocaust will occur, while at the same time believing if you fight over politics you deserve a Russian invasion. the same genocidal beleifs he feels president trump is too pussy to inact. It was the age of politically correct censorship de-platforming lawfar and social defamation that gave birth to this comic who preaches so seriously that life and humanity is all a big joke :) -RanDoM


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